El Castillo

Castillo Township is located 350 kilometers from the capital Managua, and belongs to the department of Rio San Juan.

This town is marked by its history. Currently you can visit the Fortress of the Immaculate Conception. It was built by the Spanish between 1673 and 1675 with a defensive purpose against the constant attacks of pirates who passed through the area in the direction of Lake Nicaragua.

In 1762 he highlighted the heroic role of the young Rafaela Herrera Sotomayor who fought against the British troops who attacked the fortress.

In 1780 the fort was attacked by British troops, which participated Horacio Nelson, who years later would become famous for taking part in the Battle of Trafalgar. Nelson gained control of the fortress but did not last long. There are days the hill from where they attacked the fortress still bears the name of Nelson Lomas.

Today you can visit the fortress inside where there is a museum and a library.

In the Castle you can visit Butterfly, run by a women’s organization.

In the territory of the Castle there Indio Maiz Biological Reserve and several Private Wildlife Reserves.

Indio Maiz Biological Reserve is unspoiled nature at its purest, most of the extent of the reservation can not be visited, are just a very well-defined areas where it is allowed to enter, but only with a guide.

For the booking you have to go and be prepared with appropriate footwear and clothing, since one jungle its way inside. Remember to bring enough water and a good mosquito repellent. There is the possibility of a day tour or spend the night in the Reserve

You can enter the reserve by two points, or from the Castle by the Rio Bartola or by San Juan del Norte. Undoubtedly one only suitable for adventurous unforgettable experience.


To get to Castillo should take a panga from San Carlos.