Top 10 Ruta del Tabaco, Estelí




When the traveler enters Esteli begins to feel the air coming from the mountains and the unmistakable scent trail snuff plantations from designing the landscape and environment of this town in northern Nicaragua.

This city, located 146 kilometers north of Managua, since the early 60s of the twentieth century is the seat of snuff in the country and currently one of the world’s leading producers of high-quality cigars. Something that is little known and very important to understand is that, although Cuba has historically maintained a reputation for producing the best pure, for some years the best snuff in the world is produced in Nicaragua. 25 of the best cigars in the world, 13 are made in Esteli, and the top 10, the tobacco produced here are the top seven positions, according to the magazine Aficionado Cigarsrutatabaco4

Since relatively recently, jointly to snuff, it has been developing the tourism industry in the region. Factories top international big names and open their doors to visitors who want to see first hand this category also delight visitors with some gifts.rutatabaco8

The Nicaraguan tobacco production has remained for many years the family economy, mainly in the department of Estelí and its surrounding areas. Currently, it is estimated that about 30 thousand families, North of this country remain economically directly snuff. In addition, snuff plantations and factories have provided dynamic tourism where domestic travelers mingle with Americans and Europeans.rutatabaco5


For the more curious visitors, the tour operators in the region offer us several visits in the so-called Tour of Snuff. For the realization of this article, we accompany the tour operator Tours Puro Norte on a tour with bilingual guide who gave us an excellent explanation, and support us to interact with artisans and responsible for the entire process from seeding, drying, and fermentation of the leaves. Another aspect that tourists can learn is the selection and classification despalillo or leaf snuff, snuff from wineries, screen printing and painting, ranges and delivery of materials for manufacture of cigars, where the guide explains step step how a cigar is made.rutatabaco9

Also, professional support us in the process of producing a pure, tourists can make the best snuff in the world.rutatabaco6


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