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It is no coincidence that Granada is the Nicaraguan city that receives more tourists throughout the year. His majesty does not leave visitors alike.
La Gran Sultana is the perfect place to get to know Nicaragua site, it is comfortable, quiet and has activities for several days.

view of granada cathedral with roof of tiles. Nicaragua

© / Tejados de Granada

Undoubtedly the main attraction of the city is architecture, its colonial essence remains fully alive today and the authorities have done a great job in their perseverance.

Like any city of Nicaragua, Granada is built around the main square. The “Central Park” is where the social authorities, political, economic and religious city.

stone fountain with cathedral of granada nicaragua at background.

© / Parque Central

There is the cathedral, visible from almost any point in the city and one of the largest in Latin America, exquisite in its architecture, really worth a visit to the imposing temple.


©Carles Navarro Fotografía / Catedral

The hall is next to the park, being used for administrative purposes, the building is from the colonial era.

The bustling main street where most of the tourist activity is maintained, especially at night, is the street of the road, which runs from the Cathedral towards the lake. Worth spending some nights there having a few beers or soft drinks to pass the heat and meet other travelers. Share impressions, routes or simply chat. In it there is little comfort, especially on the top, because there are people constantly dancing, playing music or selling things on the street. But it is a unique experience in the country. In addition, artisans sell their pieces in small stalls at street level are usually very nice and friendly.

Cathedral with people around of Granada, Nicaragua.

© Parque Central

In the central park there are also several craft stalls, most of them fixed and serial products. The biggest attraction of the park is going to eat the famous Vigorón of Granada, in one of the kiosks there at the corners of the park. And simply walk on it. Sit on a bench and listen to the sound of the singing of the Zanates that roost in trees in the park during summer days is reason enough to visit. Most Grenadians go at least once a day to the park, where you can see various types of vendors and workers and experienced polish-boots.

central park view from Granada, Nicaragua, Central America.

© Vendedores en el parque

Highly recommended visit is the church of La Merced, located a few blocks from Central Park, you can climb the bell tower for a nominal fee and from there to observe the majestic city from above, it’s beautiful to see their tiled roofs with typical colonial patios.

La Merced Church dating from 1534 in the colonial city of Granada, Nicaragua, Central America

©Carles Navarro Fotografía / Iglesia de La Merced


The church of San Francisco, located one block from Central Park also worth to be seen also in the surrounding area there are several tourist sites.


© Iglesia San Francisco

Cervantes street, which begins at the cathedral and continue for one block, you can see the colonial style of the city, as well as cool off in one of the hospitality businesses in it. Half of it is the House of the three worlds, cultural center of the city and very interesting visit. And its surroundings have several workshops where local artists.

colonial house view from Granada, Nicaragua, Central America.

© Colonial


El Malecón, located on the shores of Lake Nicaragua is another point must visit the city of Granada. It recreates visitors and is a perfect place for jogging, swimming in the lake, or simply stroll eat a delicious fish. From there the boats that go out to the islets of Granada.

bote isletas 2

© Bote Isletas

The islets of Granada, one of the most important tourist attractions in Granada and highly recommended to visit.

isletas copia

© / Atardecer en las Isletas d Granada


The easiest thing is to talk to a local tour operator that organizes the trip or go directly to the Malecón and look who take you to the islands. But well worth the visit and it is almost mandatory. Try to go at times when the sun is not very strong, or even try to match the sunset is something to consider.
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