Tola, Quiet and humble, while luxurious.

This haven of rural Nicaragua shows its wild nature from different approaches: first the simplicity of life of the people, whether farmers or fishermen, which is developing, and on the other, the extravagance of investments tourist highest level, you have landed in the area in search of new paradigms.

The surf, wildlife and longing to relax and release stress, are the main reasons for the trip.

About 122 kms south of Managua, the beaches of Tola offer cataloged as world class waves, which have hosted championships national and international surf.

Beaches like Jiquiliste, Colorado or Popoyo appear in international surf circuits and as a result, there is a growing hotel and tourism with more and more variety of options.

The recent World Surfing Championship, which was attended by athletes from 26 countries took the town of Tola on the world map as a tourist destination of sun, sand and great waves for surfing.

In terms of infrastructure, in Tola, everything is very limited and life is articulated along a one-way medium pave Rivas going to Las Salinas. This aspect is being solved by upscale resorts, which you need to improve the conditions of access for their customers and they are investing in the road.

*Useful Phones*Major: 25630416

Helath Center: 25633681

National Police: 25630420


To reach Tola take a detour on the Panamerican Highway, about 3 km from the city of Rivas in Managua adequately address -it’s signalized-