Leon Nicaragua is history alive.

Located in the west of the country, also known as “University City” or “Metropolitan City”, the department of Leon has an area of 5138.03 square kilometers and a population of 441,308 inhabitants distributed in ten municipalities: Nagarote, La Paz Centro Leon, Quezalguaque, Telica, Larreynaga, El Sauce, Achuapa, the Jicaral and Santa Rosa del Peñón.


The department of León is characterized by spectacular scenery, beautiful beaches, volcanoes and countless unexplored attractive destinations. In this department four volcanoes of the Cordillera de Los Maribios are located and also are beautiful beaches, historic towns and churches especially beautiful architecture.

This earth important personages as the Prince of Castilian letters Ruben Dario Salomon de la Selva, Alfonso Cortes and azarías pallais have emerged; the waltz king Jose de la Cruz Mena, among other famous people, both national independence and the intellectual life of the country.


The provincial capital, the city of Leon, is the second largest country and one of the most magnificent colonial cities in Central America, because it was one of the first cities founded by the Spaniards to reach the mainland. Leon is also the academic city par excellence of the country, all major universities have a presence in the capital of the West.


In Leon there are tourist activities for all tastes: climbing any of its eight volcanoes, enjoy the beaches of the Pacific surf or to practice them, the best known are divided between the city of Leon and the municipality of Nagarote; visit the historic ruins of León Viejo, a city that was buried in 1610 by the eruption of Momotombo volcano and declared a World Heritage Site for its importance; wander the streets of the city of Leon and visit its famous cathedral, tomb of Ruben Dario and heritage of humanity, or its many churches, museums and galleries.

For surfers and activities at sea:

The most important beaches in the city of Leon are Poneloya and Las Peñitas, both with tourist infrastructure. From Penitas you can visit the island of Juan Venado Nature Reserve 22km long.

The most important beaches are Nagarote Puerto Sandino, El Velero and transit. The first is the most appreciated for surfing. All have tourist infrastructure.

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Reach León from Managua is simple. The fastest way is with the New Road to Leon, which will take you directly to the city of Leon. If you want to do it by bus, also from Managua, you must go to the Mercado Israel Lewites, from where buses constantly to the city of Leon or looking for transport minibus leaving stop the UCA.

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Coming from the north or center of the country, the most feasible way to reach León is done from the Pan American Highway to the junction of San Isidro, where the road will grab Leon.