The department of Granada is receiving more tourists from across the country and one of the biggest tourist attractions in Nicaragua. It has everything a coast on the lago cocibolca, with lovely to go, a volcano / nature reserve that is great to visit and learn and, above all islands, the oldest city in the country, Granada. The ultimate expression of colonial architecture of Nicaragua and one of the most importants in the continent.


The department is located south of Managua, Masaya just after. And its strategic location helps you stay on top attractions, making it a privileged place where you can meet much of Nicaragua.


The city of Granada was founded in the same site as the present one in 1524, one of the first of the whole continent and has remained the colonial essence. The streets, houses, see the Cathedral or stroll through the park takes us back to an earlier era and brings us to know a little of the continental history.

A must if visiting Granada activity is going to meet the islets of Granada boat. An archipelago of 365 islands scattered volcanic lakeshore by an ancient eruption of the nearby volcano Mombacho.

You may also visit Zapatera Island, an archipelago located east of Granada on Lake Nicaragua showing remains of cave paintings that show the rich pre-Columbian culture of the area.


The nature reserve of Mombacho Volcano allows us to know the flora and fauna of the area. The extinct volcano has its own climate with a tropical cloud forest which is very refreshing in the place, which is fully prepared for tourists, you can sleep and eat and do night, highly recommended routes.


In the department are also called “white villages” that are very interesting to know, Diriomo and Diriá and Nandaime City, the second in importance of the department and also to have part of the shore of Lake Nicaragua is located about three important nature reserves.