Chinandega, located north of León, is the department of the Pacific coast of Nicaragua located further north, bordering Honduras. Chinandega is also the capital of the department of the same name, city also known as Martir City, Town or Ciudad de las naranjas. The department of Chinandega main attraction is the wealth of beaches, perfect all for surfing or simply to enjoy the sea, is also a department known for its rich agriculture and the most famous volcanoes of the Cordillera Pacific. It also houses the largest port in the Pacific coast of Nicaragua, Corinto port. It is also home to the main rum distillery in the country, as well as the most productive department cane and peanuts.


As a sign of its rich potential, we find that since before colonization by the Spaniards years the area was habited by various indigenous groups Ulwas, Nahuatl and maribios. If you are interested in pre-Columbian culture, Chinandega area is a good area for deepening on the subject.


The department, which is dominated by several volcanoes, being the most important volcán San Cristobal has many tourist attractions. In northern coast are the beaches of the Gulf of Fonseca, which houses the borders of the countries of Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador. The Peninsula Cosigüina, which houses the Reserva natural de Cosigüina, the city of Chichigalpa,el puerto de Corinto with its beaches, la ciudad de El viejo or hotbeds of San Jacinto are the main places to visit if you’re with time in the area. Other attractions in the area include offshore islets, the Punta San José, wetland or el estero Padre Ramos, where you can make a nice excursion by boat or kayak.

The beaches in the area, which are quiet and not crowded, are perfect for practicing Surf, move them from the city of Chinandega is simple and inexpensive if local transport is used. Also water sports and fishing are offered to tourists in the area.

If you come from or go to Honduras, in northern Chinandega’ll find the crossing of the Guasaule. Point of entry / exit between the two countries.


Located 42 km from the city of León and Managua 130, Chinandega is the largest north of the Pacific coast of Nicaragua departmental head. With a population of around 100,000 habitants, is one of the most populated cities in Nicaragua. However, also safer for its tourist importance and its strategic trading position.

Chinandega is an active town has a beautiful historic center with restored colonial buildings, a good selection of hotels, restaurants, pubs, clubs or bars.

Chinandega, always overshadowed by the neighboring city of León, has its own history of the previous century. Already in 1848, when population still lacked notoriety, was designated by its status as capital of all Central when the unity of all the countries that comprise intended. In 1898 he suffered a severe earthquake that damaged many of the buildings that formed. During the liberation war conducted by Sandino, was bombed by the US military, being the first bombing of civilians that are known in world history. Later in the Sandinista revolution in 1979 was again bombed by the Somoza army.

In the modern city, the church of Santa Ana, built in the style of the American Baroque, damaged by the earthquake of 1898.

If you are visiting during the feast of Easter, you can see traditional and folk dances such as the Gigantona or Cabezon, besides enjoying the fireworks.

The city celebrates other festivities the day of San Pascual, on May 17. In addition, the September 24 the feast of the Virgin of Mercy is celebrated. The festivities, which are given equestrian and major festivals are held from 8 to 16 August.


Red Cross: 23413132

Hospital: 23412245

Firefighters: 23414815

National Police: 23413456


Reaching the department of Chinandega is easy and can be done in several ways:

From Managua, Chinandega is located 130km by road to Leon. After spending León, progress 40km North’s direction, through the joints in the municipalities of Posoltega and Chichigalpa. To arrive by bus to Chinandega, you can do it from the buses that leave from Israel Lewites market.

Coming from Honduras through the border post Guasaule through the border municipalities of Somotillo and Villanueva, southbound, you reach the city of Chinandega.

It is also possible to Chinandega by water, through the port of Corinto, public docks Potosí located in the Gulf of Fonseca, or Private Marina Puesta del Sol in Aposentillo estuary. It is also possible to land in Puerto Morazán, soaring through the Estero Real.