Nueva Segovia / Ocotal

Nueva Segovia / Ocotal

Nueva Segovia / Ocotal

Nueva Segovia is a department of La Segovia north on the border with Honduras, home to two major border posts: Las Manos and Jalapa.


In Ocotal, which has hotels and prepared for the reception of visitors accommodation, we can visit the central park, the Catholic church, which was built between 1803 and 1869 and has a Baroque facade with columns inside ocote. In the same city we can enjoy a visit to the Cultural House, which constantly renews exhibitions and promotes local culture. In the streets surrounding the park is the heart of the city, with several open to the public at street business. As the market located at the bus stop, exit south direction of the city, close to the headquarters of the National Police and the Immigration headquarters ..





Southbound also found the Coco River, a mighty river that crosses several municipalities in the area. If you have time, it is no less go to visit the place and take some time to cool off with a bath while the local flora and fauna is observed. Ocotal Besides, there are other municipalities to visit in the western sector of the department. Jalapa is the quintessential coffee producing area, rural Macuelizo is to the west and in it are the hot springs “Aguas Calientes”.



In Dipilto it extends a ridge having coffee farms that have been raised repeatedly with major awards for the quality of their coffee high.

Murra, further east, has the mightiest waterfall in the country, Salto El Rosario; and although access is a little complex, worth for its natural beauty.

In Old Town, San Fernando or Mozonte, we also know several coffee farms and stroll through its quiet streets to admire some of the colonial era buildings that are still standing. In addition, in the city of Mozonte, we can see the precious crafts; specialists in producing decorative pieces of clay, give us input to craft workshops and we can see pieces in assorted stalls in the municipality.

* Useful Phone * Mayor: 22662203

Cruz Roja: 22662485

Hospital: 22662491

National Police: 22662333

Fire: 22662390

Frontier post Hands: 27322581


Ocotal is 222 km north of Managua along the Pan American Highway. Managua must follow the road heading north Honduras. In all crossings is well marked, the only point of doubt can occur at the junction of Yalagüina, where should take the detour to the right -is properly señalizado-. If you cross Ocotal and continues north, will reach the area Dipilto later is the border post of Las Manos. Another road leads to Ocotal east San Fernando, Mozonte, Santa Clara and Jalapa. A right turn in Santa Clara, takes you to Macuelizo, Susucayán, Quilalí and Wiwilí. Murra to go take a path on the left and El Rosario is 24 Km. The jump is 2 Km. From the village. -you can guide you well with our map googlemaps.

If you want to go by bus to Ocotal from Managua, you must take the buses that leave from the bus terminal in El Mayoreo, the journey takes about 4 hours. To get from the border post of Las Manos, you just have to take a bus that goes to Ocotal or you can take any vehicle of intercity.