Madriz/ Somoto

Madriz/ Somoto

Madriz/ Somoto

Madriz, north of “segovias” and one of the emerging tourist destinations in the country and until recently unknown to most visitors.

The department capital is Somoto. A small, when compared with other departmental capitals, shutdown busiest border point of El Espino. The most important business area is the production of coffee, agriculture and livestock. The landscape in the summertime (no rain) is quite dry, which paralyzes farming for lack of water in many places in the area.


The main attraction is the Somoto Canyon, tourist operations recently, is definitely an obligatory stop if passing through the area. In it you can enjoy a full day of adventure and descent, in addition to cool off and enjoy the beautiful scenery. In the same department, are also Palacagüina population. Known nationally for the song titled “Cristo ya nació en Palacagüina”, the famous National songwriter Carlos Mejía Godoy and Palacaguina, who is originally from the town of Somoto.

Palacagüina could be found in the daily life of Nicaraguans north and enjoy the local cuisine in the many restaurants and dining village at a great price. Also in the village you can enjoy a swim in the Rio Grande, located just 2 km away or take the opportunity to relax in the recently opened lodges and hotels. A place 100% recommended if you want to know the life of Nicaraguans and traditions, healthy and quiet place where you can stroll through the streets and talk to the people. Palacagüina municipal parties are held on August 15.

Another point to note is that not forget to try the famous northern donuts, searched all over the country and of extraordinary quality and flavor are unique to Madriz. Yalagüina both in SOMOTO and the rest of the cities in the area, you can find a good price and handmade.

*USEFUL PHONES*Major: 27222138

Cruz Roja: 27222285

Hospital: 27222247

National Police: 27222252

Aduana El Espino: 27222327

Police El Espino: 27222421


To reach Somoto from Managua, you must follow the road heading north Honduras and splicing Yalagüina take the detour to the left -is properly marked and not loss-. If you come by bus from Managua, you must go to the bus station of El Mayoreo express buses depart every hour to Somoto and Ocotal. Coming from Honduras, Nicaragua must enter through the border post of El Espino, from there take the only existing road will take you to the town of Somoto. You can also use one of the buses on the route El Espino-Somoto continually leave from the border point.