The department of Esteli, located in the north of the country, is departmental head the city of Esteli, important economic center and development. The other municipalities of this department are; Condega, La Trinidad, Pueblo Nuevo, San Juan de Limay and San Nicolas de Oriente.
Estelí department has a lot to offer its visitors. fresh and important production of coffee, snuff and vegetable area has developed in recent decades tourist offers that offer the possibility to learn about and from within the production process of these different rubles, as well as its processing and marketing. So much so that there are the Coffee Route and Route Snuff. If you have time, please visit the open to tourists coffee plantations, it will know firsthand the country’s most important crop and enjoy the pure nature and Nicaraguan hospitality, and of course a cup of the best coffee in the country.
The hands of craftsmen and craftswomen department made creations that have won national and international recognition. In the city of Esteli you will find works of art in various workshops saddlery. In La Trinidad you can watch closely as woven hammocks thousand colors with more elaborate designs. In the municipality of San Juan de Limay you can learn how they have preserved traditional processing techniques figures made with stone marmolina. In the municipality of Condega you can buy one of the most original crafts from around the country made of wood or visit the potteries community Ducuale Grande. And if it’s art you can not miss Stone Gallery Jalacate, you will be amazed without Corredor of Gordas doubt.

In the department of Esteli, specifically in the town of Pueblo NuevoPueblo Nuevo, you are the paleontological site of El Bosque. Here fossils dating back 20,000 to 30,000 years old were found. evidence of the existence of human life of 13,000 years old were also found, making it one of the oldest in Central America.



In the department of Estelí there are 55 sites with archaeological remains, no municipality that does not have a place to visit to learn about the life of the first settlers in the region. Among them was the town of Condega was declared Archaeological Municipality by the large number of places where discoveries were made.



This department also reveals other episodes in the history of Nicaragua, as the time of General of Free Men, Augusto Cesar Sandino, who fought their battles alunas in this region. As the latest episode of the Sandinista revolution, being the city of Esteli, known as the city three times heroic.

And if it’s nature, this department is not far behind. In its territory are several nature reserves and an ecological park.

Nature Reserve Tisey-La Estanzuela in the municipality of the city of Esteli, with the known Salto de la Estanzuela, its trails and caves and the chance to taste authentic pecorino and goat Grenache.

Natural Reserve Miraflor-Moropotente, with a number of viewpoints, pools and spectacular water falls. Without forgetting its lagoon, their farms and their ecological agro tourist stays.

Nature Reserve Quiabuc-Las Brisas, with its panoramic views from the hill Rows or its refreshing waters under the Salto La Golondrina views.

Natural Reserve Tomabú in the municipalities of the city of Esteli and La Trinidad.

Nature Reserve The Patasta-Tepesomoto, which spans the department of Madriz and invites us their agro-ecological farms and delight us with their renowned quality coffee.

In the municipality of Condega you can visit Canta Gallo Ecological Park, take a boat ride in the lagoon of Venice, hiking or horseback riding.

In each of these protected areas can enjoy the many animal species that inhabit the area, as well as the richness of its flora.

* Useful numbers *

Mayor: 27132585

Red Cross: 27132330

Hospital: 27136306

National Police: 27132615

Fire: 27132413


Esteli is 146 km north of Managua. En Km 105, joint Sebaco, follow the Panamerican Highway north. Before arriving in Esteli, turning left Tisey area and La Garnacha is reached. -duly indicators

Following the Pan American reaches Condega and later is the junction that leads to Pueblo Nuevo, veering to the left. Before Condega, on a secondary road to the right, you reach the area is appropriately Miraflor.-indicators

It is possible to Estelí from Honduras, through the border posts of El Espino or hands, following the Pan American Highway 70km southward Managua.