Tipitapa is located in a strategic place in the northern highway, is the first town you encounter after taking the Panamericana north from Managua.

The town itself has no great interest, although it is known by the Hacienda San Jacinto, where an important key battle took place in the history of Nicaragua and where we can now find a museum.

The other point of interest of the people are the Baths of Tipitapa, where several thermal pools and a tourist center that manages, being highly appreciated by visitors and excellent rejuvenating.

In the area there are also restaurants and canteens, appreciated by travelers to and from Managua. As a lodging and hotel where to stay up late.

*Useful phones*Major: 22953200

National Police: 22953229

Cruz Roja: 22953320

Hospital: 22953926


Getting there is easy, since it is the first village you find on the Panamerican Highway north from Managua.

By bus, from the station “The Mayoreo” you can take any bus that goes to the Panamerican north.