San Rafael del Sur

San Rafael del Sur

San Rafael del Sur

San Rafael del Sur is the most important department of Managua, with crowded beaches of Masachapa, Pochomil and Montelimar coastal town. Resorts for the people of Managua.

Although the town has a part of the Sierra de Managua, mountainous area where agriculture is developed and it has a very refreshing microclimate, the main activity of the population develops around the sea. The beaches have several hotels, lodges and restaurants, are prepared to receive tourists and offer recreational areas and water sports.

It is a good alternative for the traveler, whether located in Managua, where you navigate to the coast in no time, as if he is the way, where you can enjoy nature and the sea.

If you want to know the town, which is nice and offers delicious meals, you can go to Central Park and visit the Community Museum, which has whale fossils and archaeological remains. And go to the colonial church, which is highly appreciated by visitors.

The festivities are held in honor of the Archangel San Rafael on October 24, although also strongly celebrates Easter, Christmas and local festivals in late May.

*Useful phones*Major: 22933284

Health Center: 22933267


On the road south, and once past the town of El Crucero, you must take a detour that leads to the coast -is due segnalized-.

To arrive by bus from Managua, take it from the Israel Lewites market where buses depart continuously to the town.