South of Boaco is located Chontales department, also based on the Livestock and agriculture.

The name is derived from the Nahuatl word “chontalli” meaning “people of to be or abroad.” The department capital is Juigalpa, which focuses all the administrative and economic activity thereof. In it, besides being able to see up close the daily life of the people, you can visit the Archaeological Museum or the zoo Gregorio Aguilar Thomas Belt.

You can visit the area, stay in Juigalpa is a good choice as a center of motion.

In addition, Chontales has extensive coastline on the Lake Nicaragua or Nicaragua, where you can do water sports or take panoramic pictures. Chontal is a perfect place to relax and meet the traditional Nicaraguan living room.

*Teléfonos de interés*JUIGALPA

Mayor 25120641

Red Cross: 25122233

Hospital: 25122115

Firefighters: 25122387

National Police: 25122727


Juigalpa is located at km 138 of the road to Rama. From Managua you can reach easily.

To do this you must take the North road and deviate to the right at the junction of San Benito, at km 35 of the North road. By joining the road to Rama. -is perfectly señalizado.- To arrive by bus from the capital you need to head to the bus terminal in El Mayoreo where