Boaco is the department in the Midwest where livestock and agricultural culture prevails. In it they will find beautiful beaches and monumental attractions. In the central region, which could be found is the “authentic Nicaragua”. Where you can see up close the interesting atmosphere and culture of the people of livestock peoples.

If you visit the area, plus Boaco, you will see the towns of Camoapa, San José de los Auctions, San Lorenzo, Saint Lucia and the beautiful city of Juigalpa.

*Useful phones*mayor 25422323

Red Cross: 25422200

Hospital: 25422253

Firefighters: 25421471

National Police: 25422574


Boaco is 88 kilometers from Managua and Boaco reach from Managua is simple. To do this you must take the North road and deviate to the right at the junction of San Benito, at km 35 of the North road. By joining the road to Rama. At km 74 of the same, you will find the Boaco junction where you turn left deveras -is due señalizado-.

To arrive by bus from the capital you need to head to the bus terminal in El Mayoreo where buses depart daily to Boaco.