Laguna de Perlas

Laguna de Perlas

Laguna de Perlas

Laguna de Perlas is one of the most wonderful places in terms of natural diversity refers to the entire American continent. To sum it up in one sentence: “It is pure nature”.

Located south of Bluefields, is a large lagoon with an area of about 880 square km. It is a huge nature reserve where sightings of birds are given an infinite number of different species prized place for any nature photographer. Especially in the mangroves and beaches in the area.

The largest population, with the same name Pearl Lagoon is located south of it and is, without doubt, the heart of the area. Since it takes 90% of trade in the lagoon and is the administrative capital of the same. If you are looking to visit the lake and spend several days there, we recommend using the capital as a starting point and then move from there to the areas to visit. It is easy to find services of boats and ships that guide you through the lagoon. Besides local guides to help you spot the diverse wildlife of the area. In Pearl Lagoon is wonderful Wawashang Nature Reserve, created by the city a few years ago and you can relax enjoy nature in the area. Access to it is simple from the town of Laguna de Perlas.

How in the rest of the Atlantic coast, the cuisine is one of the great tourist attractions, as is exquisite and very special. With so please stop it or taste any different fish dishes of the area.

If you love fishing in Laguna de Perlas’ll find your earthly paradise. It is easy to practice sport in the fertile waters of the lagoon.


The Pearl Cays: 18 small islands form one of the beautiful places to visit in the area. The islands are full of coconut trees and tropical vegetation, with pristine white beaches and crystal clear waters colored dreamy. Perfect for relaxing, swimming, diving, fishing or simply stroll. Located 35 km from the city of Laguna de Perlas, you can reach them by renting a boat with guide in the city. Spend a full day in the Keys is an incredible experience that will take away any stress that you have accumulated.


Bring a change of clothes, wet is a constant in La Laguna de Perlas. If you have items that should not get wet, carrying shields backpack. Bring sunscreen, sun in the Caribbean burns much. If you have problems with mosquitoes, bring repellent leftovers.

*Useful Phones*Major: 25720179

Police: 25720170


To reach the village of Laguna de Perlas have two options: By sea from the port city of Bluefields, where a boat will take you for an approximate price of $ 10 and a quiet ride of about 50 minutes.

We recommend that are in the harbor with time and in the morning, since boats do not have a fixed schedule -salen whenever you llenan- and the risk of being run ashore.

The other way to get to Laguna de Perlas is by land.

From El Rama is a road that leads to Laguna de Perlas. To get to the branch from Managua, you can do in exiting the bus terminal The Wholesale.