Corn Island

Corn Island

Corn Island

Corn Island or Isla del Maiz. It is the largest -made up of only two islands, archipelago, is located 90 km off the coast of Nicaragua and has an area of just 13km square.

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It is a dream island, it truly is what is called “Un Paraiso Tropical and Caribbean”. With beautiful white sand beaches and crystal clear waters of coral reefs, is one of the natural beauties of the country and throughout Central America. A exabrupta precious flora coconut palms and tropical vegetation make it a destination not to be missed if you are traveling through time in Nicaragua.


Both islands are perfect for adventure sports related to the sea areas. Diving, deep sea fishing and boat trips are great career activities and tourism demand in the area.


But the islands are also the perfect place to relax, enjoy the beaches and walk calmly site. On the island an air of tranquility and relaxation exudes unsurpassed. We guarantee you will forget your problems while on the island and will take away the stress.

As if that were not enough its great natural beauty; Corn Island, like other sites on the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua, has an incredible cuisine. And is that the coastal people love to cook fish in a thousand varieties and add coconut toppings that give a spectacular and very distinctive flavor to foods, be sure to try the traditional dish consisting Rondon exquisite fish soup, vegetables and coconut water. Meals are accompanied by delicious Coconut Bread characteristic instead of the typical Tortilla the rest of Nicaragua.

If you are intending to visit Corn Island (the largest), recommend taking about two days to Little Corn Island, since it is also an incredible visit and which breathes an atmosphere like no other place.


Absolutely every traveler who goes to Corn Island just discovering it for yourself, since it is one of the charms that has the reach the area. But we give some hints of what to visit.

Although there is a large neighborhood in the port of arrival, the island has an urban core city, but the houses are scattered throughout the island forming neighborhoods, mostly in the north and west of it.

The considered best beach on the island to be found in the South West Bay, with calm waters and coral.

Long Bay and Silver Sand are natural beaches with typical island vegetation. They can make excellent walks, since the beaches are very long and quiet. The waters of these can be a little dangerous if the sea is rough, so we recommend having a bit of caution when bathing in them. If you like diving, you can enjoy in the area of Coral Reef in the northeast of the island. A coral reef you will be surprised by its spectacular seabed.

*Useful Phones*

Major: 25755091

Hospital: 25755236

Airport: 2575520


On the island, which bypassed a road, there are plenty of taxis; the price is about 20 cordobas per person each way during the day and five more at night (after 10). There is also a microbus servcio makes public transport. If d A regular boat service connecta Little Corn Island on Big Corn Island.



A Great Corn Island can be reached by air and sea. Two national aviation companies -the company La Costeña and Atlantic Airline- make daily flights from Managua, Bluefields and Puerto Cabezas (RAAN) to Corn Island. From Managua, the trip takes an hour and 10 minutes, but from Bluefields travel is reduced to just 15 minutes. The blue and green waters of the Caribbean hues, by the optical effect of algae covering the seabed, are perfectly distinguishable from the air at low altitude flights and make it a real visual feast.


If you do not like flying or prefer a little more adventure, you can get to Corn Island out of Managua bus station Mayoreo to El Rama, from there you must take a boat and go down the Escondido River recommended -that bring something to keep dry in the trayecto- to Bluefields and finally to Corn Island by boat.

The sea voyage from Bluefields to Corn Island takes about four hours and is done in small vessels. Great Corn Island to Little Corn Island trip is in small pangas with outboard continuously from the harbor of Corn Island.