Bluefields is the capital of the South Atlantic Autonomous Region (RAAS) with about 45,000 inhabitants. It was founded in 1602 and named after a Dutch pirate named Blauveldt. It seems to be was the first Westerner to establish the area as their base. From 1630 he became the leading British establishment of the “Coast of the Moskitos” and in 1730 was placed directly in Jamaica, under British protectorate. For its strategic location it became the capital city of the bay and her group of English colonists settled.

Besides being a tourist attraction, is the perfect place to learn the Nicaraguan Atlantic. Since it is easy to visit Monkey Point, Rama Kay, Corn islands, El bluff and other sites in the area.

* Important telephone numbers *Mayor 28222502

Health Center 28222234

Red Cross 28222582

Firefighters 28222298


Port of Bluefields 28222632

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Although Bluefields at first impression seems a big city with lots of hustle, give it a chance, it is a quiet town that can be traveled on foot perfectly. The locals are friendly and open and are happy to help visitors in any occasion. Keep in mind that the predominant language in the area is English and the Miskito, even if you only speak Spanish one can understand perfectly.

As in all the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua gastronomy has an excellent Caribbean twist that makes it so special. Seafood and coconut and other fruits give a personal and exquisite to the entire range of food stamp.

The best month to visit Bluffields is in May, when the city is in full celebration of the “Maypole”. A traditional holiday celebrating the arrival of May with music, dancing and a fully contagious joy. Also on September 30 are the feasts of St. Jerome.


It counts with good transport infrastructure. A good airport and a harbor quickly communicate with the rest of Nicaragua and the RAAS, plus also features the highways which connect to the peaceful land and inland.

If you come from Managua, the quickest way is from the domestic airport plane by the airline “The coastal”, it is necessary to call the company to find rates and times, as they vary according to season.

If you prefer to reach by road, take the North road to Juigalpa and the branch (292 km from Managua).

If you want to go by bus, which is most advisable economically, there are regular buses every hour from Managua station Wholesale Market and the first one leaves at 3:00 am. The ride to El Rama lasts between 5 and 7 hours.

From El Rama boat to bluefields through the Escondido River (90km), you should get to El Rama early to have a ride quiet boat and without much heat due to high temperatures in some seasons, also not all vessels guarantee their output, instead, waiting in the port to be filled out and the first leaves at 5:30 am and the last at 3:30 pm. Approximate price of boat trip is $ 200C per person. For more information you can call at (505) 2517 0073